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End of the Year Double Giveaway

I've got two giveaways that I'm going to put up on my own.  These will go till the end of the year, so please feel free to enter, and there will be some ways you can enter once a day, comments and tweets.  One giveaway is geared to my readers who like adult romances.  The second giveaway is geared more to my YA readers.  You can enter both!  Unfortunately these have to be US only, unless you are able to get Kindle books, as one of the prizes is for a set of Kindle books by a favorite author of mine.

Romance Reader Giveaway Prizes:

There will be five winners.

1.  Kindle copy of all three books out in the Ad Agency Series by Nicole Archer

2.  Amy Daws Harris Brothers Series T-shirt.

3.  Cool set with autographed copy of Forks, Knives, and Spoons by Leah DeCesare along with a set of earrings and a charm bracelet that goes with the book.

4.  A copy of I Love You Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions by Erin Lyon

5.  Package of mystery swag - no picture, just will be bookmarks, postcards, etc. that I picked up at different book conventions over the past year.

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 YA Reader Giveaway:

There will be two winners.

1.  Choose 2 books from whatever books are in my extra pile and I'll throw in 2 surprise books.  Here is a picture of what it looks like at the moment.  Books could be added between now and the end of the month, and some books may get traded and not be available anymore.

2.  Package of mystery YA Swag picked up from other trades and conventions I've been to.

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Four ARC Mini-Reviews

Getting behind again!  So here we go with some mini-reviews of ARCs I either won or were unsolicited.

Men and Dogs by Marie-Eva Chopin and Alice Chaygneaud:
Published:  September 26th, 2017
Source:  ARC from publisher - won through Shelf Awareness
Genre:  Humor
My rating:  3 stars

Cute little book, although maybe something more to each page.  The dogs and men were both nice to look at.  For different reasons of course.

Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

From the authors of Men & Cats comes this delightful follow-up, featuring 50 new pairs of gorgeous men and candid canines When the world has you down, there's no better way to instant happiness than with handsome men paired with cute puppies. In this new book from the creators of the popular website Des Hommes et des Chatons, you'll find an original collection of 100 clever photo match-ups, with a heartthrob human on one page and a pooch in a similar pose or with a similar expression on the next. 
Wearing a tux.
Taking a walk.
Playing catch.
Toweling off after a bath. 

Can't decide between man or man's best friend? Well, with Men & Dogs, you don't have to choose.

Monster (Gone Series #7) by Michael Grant:
Published:  October 17th, 2017
Source:  ARC
Genre:  YA science fiction
My rating:  5 stars

The Gone series has always been one of my favorites, so when I saw there was another one coming out, I was excited, yet a little leery.  I was worried it would mess up where the story had left off.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  I loved how at the beginning the author gave a shout out to some other awesome YA authors.  The book was very action packed and while mostly we had all new characters, there were a few from before, and that made the story even better.  I look forward to where this story will go in the next book, and will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

In the stunning follow-up to the globally bestselling Gone series, Michael Grant continues the story of the teens who morph into superheroes—and supermonsters—when they ingest an alien virus.

Four years after the events of the FAYZ, new meteorites are hitting Earth, and the whole world is exposed to a strange alien virus that gives humans unique superpowers. 

As some teens become heroes and others become dangerously out of control with their new powers, the world will become more terrifying than the FAYZ—and only a monstrous battle between good and evil can save them.

Year One (Chronicles of the One #1) by Nora Roberts:
Published:  December 5th, 2017
Source:  ARC
Genre:  Science fiction/post-apocalyptic
My rating:  5 stars

I feel like this is my first Nora Roberts book, although I think I've read one or two under another pen name she has.  While I don't know that this has made me want to go read all her other books, it definitely was a good read, and I am probably going to read on in the series, if I have time when the next ones come out.  It reminded me a lot of my favorite post-apocalyptic stories Swan Song by Robert McCammon, and The Stand by Stephen King.  There wasn't really a lot that was that unique compared to other stories, but the story itself was still good.  This one tied in both magical beings along with some kind of disease.  And it is this mixture that makes me want to read on and find out just what caused all of it to happen.  If you like post-apocalyptic or the other titles I mentioned, you should give this one a try.

Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

It began on New Year’s Eve.

The sickness came on suddenly, and spread quickly. The fear spread even faster. Within weeks, everything people counted on began to fail them. The electrical grid sputtered; law and government collapsed—and more than half of the world’s population was decimated.

Where there had been order, there was now chaos. And as the power of science and technology receded, magic rose up in its place. Some of it is good, like the witchcraft worked by Lana Bingham, practicing in the loft apartment she shares with her lover, Max. Some of it is unimaginably evil, and it can lurk anywhere, around a corner, in fetid tunnels beneath the river—or in the ones you know and love the most.

As word spreads that neither the immune nor the gifted are safe from the authorities who patrol the ravaged streets, and with nothing left to count on but each other, Lana and Max make their way out of a wrecked New York City. At the same time, other travelers are heading west too, into a new frontier. Chuck, a tech genius trying to hack his way through a world gone offline. Arlys, a journalist who has lost her audience but uses pen and paper to record the truth. Fred, her young colleague, possessed of burgeoning abilities and an optimism that seems out of place in this bleak landscape. And Rachel and Jonah, a resourceful doctor and a paramedic who fend off despair with their determination to keep a young mother and three infants in their care alive.

In a world of survivors where every stranger encountered could be either a savage or a savior, none of them knows exactly where they are heading, or why. But a purpose awaits them that will shape their lives and the lives of all those who remain.

The end has come. The beginning comes next. 

The Girl in the Tower (Winternight Trilogy #2) by Katherine Arden:
Published:  December 5th, 2017
Source:  ARC won on Goodreads
Genre:  Historical fantasy
My rating:  4 stars

As with the first one, while it took me a minute to get into the story, once I got into it a little bit, I was sucked in and had trouble putting it down.  The characters were very well written, and I loved all the Russian folklore and history.  The scenes were all written very vividly, in such a way that you felt you were there.  My only issues were kind of the same that I'd had with the first book in the series.  The fact that there would be more than one name for the same person, and sometimes that was confusing as to who was being talked to.  Or who was doing the talking.  And then, there was a character that said his house name or his name or something was ironic, but even after googling the name, I could not find what reason made it that - Bashnya Kostei?  If you can figure it out, I'd love to know.  Anyway, I'll definitely be interested to see what the final book includes.  

Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

The magical adventure begun in The Bear and the Nightingalecontinues as brave Vasya, now a young woman, is forced to choose between marriage or life in a convent and instead flees her home—but soon finds herself called upon to help defend the city of Moscow when it comes under siege.

Orphaned and cast out as a witch by her village, Vasya’s options are few: resign herself to life in a convent, or allow her older sister to make her a match with a Moscovite prince. Both doom her to life in a tower, cut off from the vast world she longs to explore. So instead she chooses adventure, disguising herself as a boy and riding her horse into the woods. When a battle with some bandits who have been terrorizing the countryside earns her the admiration of the Grand Prince of Moscow, she must carefully guard the secret of her gender to remain in his good graces—even as she realizes his kingdom is under threat from mysterious forces only she will be able to stop. 

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Blog Tour: The One Night Stand (A Players Novel) by Elizabeth Hayley

TONS availnow   


Gabriel Torres thought his life after Major League Baseball would be simple and quiet, or at least quieter. However, as he takes over running the exclusive Players Club, he finds himself continually embroiled in scandal and drama. Surely nothing, and no one could make his life any crazier...Right?

Rachel Adler is a blast from Gabe’s past who crashed back into his life with the finesse of a freight train. But she's a welcome distraction. At least for a night.

Rachel has been working hard to become one of the top sports journalists in the country. She doesn't have time for a long-term romance or irresistibly charming baseball players. A one-night-stand with the man who she knew would hit it out of the park was all she wanted.

But when she gets a tip that Gabe could have ties to one of the biggest sports stories in history, a story that could make her career, Rachel decides that maybe she has a little time for the sexy baseball player after all. As she gets in deeper with both her story and Gabe, Rachel begins to question who she is, what she wants, and what exactly she’s willing to sacrifice for her career.

Will the potential grand-slam romance be stopped short or will Rachel and Gabe be able to go the distance?


AMAZON | Barnes and Noble | KOBO | iBooks

“You have too many clothes on,” she said as Gabe nipped at her neck. 

“I agree. We should probably do something about that.” 

“We definitely should,” Rachel replied. 

She’d barely gotten out the words before Gabe had her moving through his hotel room toward the tall king bed and placed her on it, letting her legs dangle over the sides as he backed away to pull his Commanders jersey off. She gave him this little grin as she brought a finger to her lip and bit on its edge. He wondered if she knew how hot she was--if the act was intentional. But truthfully it didn’t matter. 

“Is it weird that I want to tell you how hot your chest is too?” she asked. The comment made Gabe smile as he popped the button of his jeans and unzipped them. He’d just begun to pull them down when Rachel said, “Leave them on.” Then she sat up and grabbed his waistband to pull him toward her. 

His erection, which was still straining against his jeans, perked up even further as Rachel’s lips slid over his lower abs. It was an image he’d file away in his brain for future use: her head moving near his cock as his fingers tangled with her dark hair. He let out a low groan when her hand pressed against his dick. She played with it over his pants for a while before pulling down the zipper the rest of the way and yanking down his boxers enough to free him. She stroked him a few times before Gabe needed his lips back on hers. 

His thumb stroking her cheek as he kissed her. Her moans grew louder as he rubbed against her, but finally he was able to pull himself away from her long enough to undo her skinny jeans and slide them down her legs. Her thong was next, and he savored the visual as the black lace traced over her skin. 

He fished a condom from his wallet and tore it open. Squeezing himself as he rolled it on held back his orgasm. Jesus, he couldn't wait to be inside her. He hadn’t thought about her in a while, but God, when he used to think about her he’d imagine how warm and wet she was. And it was that thought that had him returning to her, guiding her down on the bed to he could press into her. 

Somehow all of his fantasies couldn't even come close to the real thing. Her legs wrapped around his ass as her nails dug into his jeans to guide him even deeper inside. Then they began to move together, their bodies responding to the other’s in a way that he wasn’t sure he’d experienced before. She seemed to almost melt against him. 

The moans and choppy breaths that escaped her had him speeding up, though he didn’t exactly want this to end. He used his forearms to prop himself up so his weight wasn’t on her completely as he thrust into her. Her nails were on his back, scratching over his shoulder blades before sliding under his boxers. He tensed as her fingertips brushed over his ass, and he willed himself not to come anytime soon. 

He never thought he’d have Rachel Adler in his bed, and now that he did, he wanted it to be fucking memorable. And not just for him. He knew he’d never forget this. Though her legs were clamped around him, he pulled out almost completely and then drove back in. His thumb went to her clit the next time he withdrew, making her practically quiver beneath him. She was close, and he knew it. 

A few more steady thrusts into her had Rachel begging him not to pull out again. Her words only increased the pleasure of the moment for him, and he thought about how he’d never get enough of Rachel’s soft please. “Please, Gabe. God, yes. Make me…” But she never finished her sentence before her body quaked with the orgasm that Gabe could feel too. Gabe continued to pound into her until her climax faded enough that he could speed up to find his own release. He wasn’t even sure what he said as he came, but whatever it was he couldn’t help it. It was probably the hardest he’d come in a while, and Rachel had been the one to make him do it. Jace wasn’t the only one who’d won tonight.         

About the Author:
Elizabeth Hayley is actually "Elizabeth" and "Hayley," two friends who love reading romance novels to obsessive levels. This mutual love prompted them to put their English degrees to good use by penning their own. The product is Pieces of Perfect, their debut novel. They learned a ton about one another through the process, like how they clearly share a brain and have a persistent need to text each other constantly (much to their husbands' chagrin).
They live with their husbands and kids in a Philadelphia suburb. Thankfully, their children are still too young to read.
Elizabeth Hayley's writing motto is best captured by the words of Patrick Dennis: "I always start with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind."

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Blog Tour: Behind the Bars (Music Street Series) by Brittainy C. Cherry


Behind the Bars, the first beautiful and emotional standalone in the all-new Music Street Series from Brittainy C. Cherry is available NOW!

Behind the Bars Wrap
When I first met Jasmine Greene, she came in as raindrops.

I was the awkward musician, and she was the high school queen.

The only things we had in common were our music and our loneliness.

Something in her eyes told me her smile wasn’t always the truth.

Something in her voice gave me a hope I always wished to find.

And in a flash, she was gone.

Years later, she was standing in front of me on a street in New Orleans.

She was different, but so was I. Life made us colder. Harder. Isolated.


Even though we were different, the broken pieces of me recognized the sadness in her.

Now she was back, and I wouldn’t make the mistake of letting her go again.

When I first met Jasmine Greene, she came in as raindrops.

When we met again, she was the darkest storm.


By the way, what happened to Todd’s nose?” I asked.  

“I broke it,” Elliott said matter-of-factly.  

“What? How? Why?”  

He shrugged before turning to look out the window. “He called you a bad name.”  

“What was it?” 

“It doesn’t matter.”  

“Eli,” I started.  

He turned my way and locked his hazel eyes with my browns. “Jazz…” He shook his head. “It wasn’t true.”  

I swallowed hard, a big part of me certain Todd’s words held some form of truth.  

Elliott saw it in me—my fear. He kept shaking his head and whispered, “I don’t feel sorry for you. Sometimes you look at me like you think I feel sorry for you, and I want you to know I don’t. I think you’re perfect the way you are.”  

I quietly laughed at him repeating the words I’d told him earlier. A few tears rolled down my cheeks. “I’m a little messed up.”  

“I know.” He nodded. “That’s why I like you.”  

He went back to staring out the window, and I kept staring at him.  

And there it was.  

So small, so tiny, so real.  


It wasn’t love, but it was the beginning of it.  

I knew I was young, and I knew it was stupid, but in that moment, I began to fall in love with the quiet boy who quietly cared for me. The boy who was scared and still strong. The boy who stood up for me when he was surrounded by reasons not to do such a thing. I hadn’t known much about love. I hadn’t known how it looked, felt, or tasted. I hadn’t known how it moved, how it flowed, but I knew my heart was tight and currently skipping a few beats. I understood the goose bumps covering my arms. I knew this stuttering boy who was sometimes so scared was someone worth loving. He was worth being the first one I gave my heart to.  

I knew Elliott Adams was love.  

And I was falling into him so fast.

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About the Author:

Hi! I'm Brittainy! Join me as we travel through my mind as a Romance Author. This includes such things as my random thoughts, tricks, tips, things I'm learning, things I'm re-learning, things I'm forgetting, and my weird ways of crafting stories.  

Connect with Brittainy:

Twitter: @BrittainyCherry

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Blog Tour - Author Interview with Giveaway: I've Been Looking for You by Jennifer Dean

Book info:
Title:  I’ve Been Looking for You
Author:  Jennifer Dean
Publication date: December 1st, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Young Adult
Max: The new girl, the sarcastic asshole, the one who avoids getting attached to anyone.
Emily: The golden girl, the rule-abiding rebel, the one who unknowingly craves something more.
When fate brings the two girls together, life seemed to fall into place. Until their future plans are shattered the moment someone leaves drugs inside Max’s school locker.
While Max inevitably loses hope of escaping her new grim reality, Emily struggles to move on without the one she loves most. Especially when she’s the only one determined to find answers. But the closer Emily gets to discovering the truth, the harder it will be to stop her pursuit, even when it leads to dangerous consequences.

Author Interview:

1. What does your writing process look like? Do you know the whole story when you start? Do you just start writing and go with it (seat of the pants writing) If you plan it out, how do you do that? Outline, notecards, post-it-notes, etc.?

My process is free flowing from the moment the first idea sparks. I usually switch between notebook and laptop, letting the characters and plot rapidly develop on their own. Unfortunately, that sometimes means being woken up during the night.

2. How do you come up with your ideas for your stories?

I don't think I can take credit for coming up with anything. I merely write the scenes that play inside my head.

3. How long have you been writing?

Since February 2, 2009. It's oddly specific but it's hard to forget the moment that changed my life.  

4. What tips do you have for aspiring writers?

Write the story you want to write, not what you think others might like. At the end of the day it's the passion for the story that drives you to find the discipline to write.

5. What are your favorite:    

          Books: The Time Traveler's Wife, Wuthering  Heights, Harry Potter Series, The Girl on The Train, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, On The Road, The Help.

          Authors: J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle.

          Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult.

          Movies: Titanic, The Patriot, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect.

          TV Shows: Will and Grace, Orange is the New Black, Parks and Rec, That 70's Show, Sherlock.

          Music: Pink, Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay, Tom Petty, Imagine Dragons, Lukas Graham, A Great Big World, The Chainsmokers.

          Food: Tex-Mex, Italian, Chinese.

          Writing snack: Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Author Bio:
Jennifer was studying History and English at the University of North Texas when she discovered a hidden passion for writing. She has since written two other Young Adult novels, Bound and Blinded. She lives in Seattle Washington.



Can't Wait Wednesday #35: Fourth Dimension (The Rule of Three Series) by Eric Walters

Can't-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings to spotlight and talk about the books we're excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they're books that have yet to be released. It's based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Jill at Breaking the Spine.  This week I've picked a book that I didn't know was coming.  It is in a series I've read and enjoyed, and I'm not sure if this is taking place after the first three, or if it is supposed to happen during the time period that is told about in those three.  You can read my reviews of those three books here:  The Rule of Three, Fight For Power, and Will to Survive.  And here is the blurb from Goodreads for this new one in the series:

In a world with no power, chaos soon descends. A powerful look at the disintegration of society in the wake of a massive and mysterious outage that has knocked out all modern amenities.

Fifteen-year-old Emma has moved house with her ex-Marine mother and younger brother. It's a brand-new condo building, which explains the semi-regular power outages, as workers complete the units around them. So Emma isn't particularly concerned when the latest blackout hits just as they are preparing to leave town on a long weekend camping trip. But then the car won't start, and their cellphones appear dead -- and all the cars outside their building seem to be stalled in a long traffic jam ...

In the midst of what appears to be a massive power outage, with their camping gear packed and ready, Emma and her family canoe over to the islands, just offshore, to wait it out. But while they land on an isolated island, with a relatively hidden site, they are far from safe, as people become increasingly desperate to find food and shelter. And as the days pass, and the power remains out, the threat of violence becomes all too real.

 Have you read this series?  If so, when do you think this will take place in the story?  What book are you eagerly awaiting this week?