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Cover Reveal: Hide From Me by Mary Lindsey

Hello Readers!  
Welcome to the Cover Reveal for
Hide From Me by Mary Lindsey
presented by Entangled TEEN!
I cannot WAIT for this book to come out this fall!
What do you think of the cover?
"We all hold a beast inside. The only difference is what form it takes when freed."

Something's not right about Rain Ryland's new hometown. On the surface, it's a friendly, tight-knit community, but something deadly lurks underneath the small-town charm. Everyone he meets is hiding something—especially Friederike Burkhart, the hottest girl he's ever laid eyes on. Rain's determined to find out her secret, even if it kills him...and it just might.
Ancient magic and modern society collide in a sexy, spellbinding romance perfect for fans of C. C. Hunter and Maggie Stiefvater that proves sometimes beauty is the beast…

Title:  Hide From Me 
Author: Mary Lindsey 
Publisher: Entangled Teen 
Publication Date: November 7, 2017
Available for Pre-order: Amazon
Mary Lindsey is a multi award-winning, RITA® nominated author of romance for adults and teens. She lives on an island in the middle of a river. Seriously, she does. When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, two Cairn Terriers, and one husband.
Inexplicably, her favorite animal is the giant anteater and at one point, she had over 200 "pet" Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. The roaches are a long story involving three science-crazed kids and a soft spot for rescue animals. The good news is, the "pet" roaches found a home... somewhere else.

Review and Giveaway: The Makeup Test by Vanessa M. Knight

Book info:
Title:  The Makeup Test
Author:  Vanessa M. Knight
Publication date: April 4th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Parker Breckinridge is a sophomore in college and already running her own internet cosmetics business. She doesn’t apologize for her successes—or anything else. She’s worked hard to get what where she is. She’s had to. It’s not like there was anything else in her life, despite her rich family.
Cade Adler doesn’t do relationships—especially relationships with uptight princesses. Been there. Done that. Destroyed the T-shirt. Besides, what with working full-time as a police officer and going to school, who has time for women? Not him.
With his tattoos and overall attitude, Cade is exactly what Parker doesn’t need. And between her father’s money and her piss-poor attitude, Parker is exactly what Cade doesn’t need.
So why is it they can’t stay apart?

My Review:
Source:  E-copy from Xpresso tours for honest review
My rating:  3.5 stars

Overall this was a quick, sweet story.  I liked the way it started, I enjoyed all the characters in the book.  Cade and Parker made a fun couple.  I really liked the way the final obstacle for Cade and Parker played out. I like how the author didn't go the way that most stories seem to go.  I like the loyalty and love between Cade and Parker, even as Parker tried to be self-sacrificing.  Also, I didn't know that this is actually part of a series, and it includes other characters from the other books in the series.  Of course since I enjoyed this one so much, I'll have to get the others in the series to find out how all of their romances worked out and how they came to be the couples that we meet in this book.  If you're looking for a sweet, easy read, this is one to definitely pick up.  

Author Bio:
Vanessa M. Knight has always enjoyed writing and once she found romance, she was addicted. She props her laptop in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, son, and menagerie of 4-pawed, claw-babies (AKA cats and dogs.) That laptop has partnered-in-crime to write contemporary romances with a dash of humor and splash of snark.
When she has a few moments to spare, you can find her singing off key (but she assures us it’s still considered singing), reading, kickboxing or killing a few brain cells as she stares at the many sitcoms and dramas available through the Internet and TV.
For more information on Vanessa, including her Internet haunts, contest updates, and details on her upcoming novels, please visit her website at www.vanessamknight.com.


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Promo: Tell Me How This Ends by Victoria De La O

RITA Nominated TELL ME HOW THIS ENDS Sale Alert!
In TELL ME HOW THIS ENDS Ryan is in love, Jude is in denial, and Lizzie wants both brothers, but by the time the truth comes out everyone is in too deep. No one wants to get hurt, but love and desire have a way of testing even the strongest bonds. Fans of Tamarra Webber and Erin McCarthy will adore this emotional and heartfelt RITA nominated family drama.
Snag it while you can for just $1.99!

Dear Readers,

Years ago a restless, troubled man sprang to life in my head, and he wouldn't leave me alone. He had a younger brother that he loved more than anything in the world, so I sat down and tried to write their story. And it wasn't very good. But these brothers--Jude and Ryan--never left me. A decade later, I realized that, like Frankenstein's monster, they were waiting for me to create their loves. And a few months later, Tell Me How This Ends was born. 
The book is the first in the Tell Me trilogy, which is heartfelt, fun, and sometimes emotional. It was my pleasure to follow Jude, Ryan, and their friends through three books. I'm not going to lie; there were tears when I wrote the final scene.
I am so honored that Tell Me How This Ends has been nominated for a RITA award, but I'm even more humbled by the readers who have taken the time to tell me they love the book. I hope you love it, too.

 2017 RITA® Finalist

Brothers Jude and Ryan McAllister are inseparable. When Jude stepped in to raise Ryan after the death of their mother, it became the two of them against the world. But the scars it left were bone-deep. Then Lizzie Price comes along.

Lizzie hopes Ryan's kindness can help heal her wounds from a toxic relationship. But when she meets Jude, their powerful attraction makes him difficult to resist. The problem is, Lizzie doesn't realize Jude and Ryan are brothers, and they don't know they're falling for the same girl.

By the time the truth comes out, everyone is in too deep. Ryan is in love, Jude is in denial, and Lizzie wants both brothers. All of them agree that no one deserves to get hurt. But love and desire have a way of testing even the strongest bonds.

Download at:
Overdrive → http://bit.ly/2oNMiVi

The Tell Me Series
Tell Me How This Ends
Tell Me Not to Go
Tell Me That You're Mine (coming summer 2017)

Copyright © 2016 Victoria De La O

I can’t sleep, so I head to the kitchen. I don’t bother to turn on the lights, because the dark doesn’t scare me. Most of the terrifying things in life happen in the daylight.
Ryan must be up, too, because I see light coming from the kitchen. Sometimes we meet like this in the middle of the night and eat a snack. I make the PB&J, and he pours the milk.
There is someone standing at the faucet but it’s not Ryan, and my brain takes an extra couple seconds to compute what I’m seeing. Elizabeth is there, her back turned to me, her face in profile. Her hair is messy and long, and she’s wearing a shirt that comes to midthigh. She turns around and sees me. Her mouth and eyes go wide, but she doesn’t scream, like a silent movie actress.
“What are you doing here?” she asks, which doesn’t make sense to me at first. Then I see she’s wearing Ryan’s Panic! at the Disco T-shirt. My brain has apparently been dormant for the past two minutes, because suddenly, it chugs to life. My synapses fire, and I make connections, and I know that this is the girl my brother has just fucked, and even worse, has fallen for.
I can’t help it: I start to laugh. I laugh so hard that my eyes water, and I slide against the cabinets to the floor. She walks around the counter and stands in front of me. I stare at her legs, which are long and smooth. She crouches down, pulling her—Ryan’s—T-shirt down so I don’t see anything essential on the way.
“Stop it,” she says, looking at me like I’m crazy.
“Guess it’s going well with college boy,” I say, taking in her bedhead. “You definitely picked the better brother.”
“Oh, my God,” She covers her mouth, and I feel like a bully, but I can’t care.


"...readers will be so invested in these protagonists that they'll keep flipping through the pages to see how everything turns out."Library Journal

“If you have not discovered Victoria De La O, stop what you are reading and go read Tell Me How This Ends! If you are an Abbi Glines fan, you will love Victoria De La O’s writing.”—My Girlfriend’s Couch Blog

Tell Me How This Ends is one of my favorite books ever—I was totally engrossed in the love triangle between brothers Ryan and Jude and sweet Lizzie.”—Siobhan Davis, Amazon Bestselling Author

About Victoria De La O:
Victoria De La O is the award-winning and RITA®-nominated author of the Tell Me romance trilogy, including Tell Me How This Ends. A native of California’s Silicon Valley, she spends time hanging out with her family, arguing about films, and partaking in chicanery.
She also enjoys writing about women’s issues, practicing Wonder Woman spins, and talking to readers, so hit her up on Facebook or Twitter.

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Review: Forks, Knives, and Spoons by Leah DeCesare

Book info:
TitleForks, Knives, and Spoons
Author:  Leah DeCesare
Genre:  Contemporary romance
Published:  April 18th, 2017
Source:  ARC from author for honest review
My rating:  4 stars


There are three kinds of guys: forks, knives, and spoons. That is the final lesson that Amy York s father sends her off to college with, never suspecting just how far his daughter will take it. Clinging to the Utensil Classification System as her guide, Amy tries to convince her skeptical roommate, Veronica Warren, of its usefulness as they navigate the heartbreaks and soul mates of college and beyond. Beginning in 1988, their freshman year at Syracuse University, Amy and Veronica meet an assortment of guys from slotted spoons and shrimp forks to butter knives and sporks all while trying to learn if the UCS holds true. On the quest to find their perfect steak knives, they learn to believe in themselves and not to settle in love or life.

My Review:
When the author emailed me asking if I'd be interested in reading and reviewing her book, I was definitely intrigued by the synopsis above.  While the majority of this story takes place during their time in college, there is a part of their lives after college that is included in the story.  I really did enjoy the UCS - otherwise known as the Utensil Classification System.  It turned out differently than I thought just from what I'd try to determine each utensil fit as before I read it.  Basically, a knife is the guy you want.  All the other types of utensils have their own definitions.  I liked that it was an open enough classification system that it showed a guy that was a spoon for one girl, could totally be a knife for another.  I know, that's pretty confusing without having read the book, so you need to go ahead and do that.  

I really liked the characters, even if they kind of fell into a bit predictable stereotypes, or sometimes maybe a situation was a bit expected, nothing new.  There were definitely times I was yelling at Amy to figure it out, it was so obvious to the reader what was going on, but then I do that with a lot of romance stories, I know that it is part of the drama.  I also really liked the time period it was set in, the very late 80s and early 90s. Since I started college in 1990, it was totally a walk down memory lane for so many things in the book.  Only having a landline phone, there were no cell phones, at least not for anyone other than very rich businessmen.  The book pulled in so many things that were experiences that are common in college life.  Things that I'm sure are still going on today.  The computer lab bits were funny though, when you consider how each college student usually has their own computer or laptop these days.  

I was rooting for Matt and Amy almost all of the book, but totally understood why she was in love with Andrew.  Then there was the friend who lived down the hall that was basically the very promiscuous girl, not just promiscuous, but also willing to mess with other girls' boyfriends.  There was the girl who went away to college with her high school boyfriend, and it didn't work out, although I think the reason in this story was different than the reasons for the people I knew in college.  

My only issues were really the predictability of the story.  The reason why the promiscuous girl was the way she was, well it was pretty textbook because of her dad leaving, the way her mom was, etc.  You kind of knew that Matt was a possible love interest for Amy no matter what she seemed to think.  I have to say I liked how Veronica's years panned out, and I like the way they were a little different and sometimes I got some unique turns in her story.  I hated the way she was at the end when she went back to a friend's wedding.  I hated the way she said the things she did about her boyfriend.  I also think how upset Amy got about remarks guys were making to their friend getting married was kind of silly, and kinda made her seem a little bit like a psycho girl.  Just me though.  

I still recommend this story as a sweet romantic read.  Pick it up, and then look at the guys in your past and around you today, and can you figure out who are the forks, spoons, and knives? 


Release Blitz with Giveaway: The Royal Mistake - A Billionaire Prince Romance by Erin Hayes

Title:  The Royal Mistake: A Billionaire Prince Romance
Author: Erin Hayes
Genre: Billionaire Romance
Release Date: April 24, 2017

At twenty-five years old, Catherine's only commitment was to her job. 
Until she saw those two pink lines.
Catherine has buckled down to focus on what was really important in life. Like her career. So when her ex-boss Jessica Croft offers her a job she can't refuse, Catherine moves to Dubreva, where she's thrust back into race car driver and billionaire prince Henry's life.
And Henry won't let her forget what happened between them one hot night. Even though she's been trying to forget it.
But then she learns she's pregnant. With Henry's child.
He has tattoos. Never in my life would I have imagined that one of the royal princes of Dubreva would have a wonderful sculpted chest with ink displaying a pattern of blacks and grays. As I peel his shirt off in the elevator of the Dubrevian palace, I can’t help but run my fingers over them. I love a tatted man. They look delicious. He looks delicious. And he’s all mine. Henry Spencer di’Vale of Dubreva. Cousin to the crown prince of Dubreva, and a billionaire playboy in his own right. I know this. And he knows that I know this. And neither of us care. After a long flight from New York to Dubreva, handling everything for Jessica Croft, my media mogul boss, and dealing with a very public party for a Formula One race, I need to let loose. It just happens to be with a really hot—and tattooed—prince in the elevator of the Dubrevian Palace. This is the stuff that romance novels are made of.
Her back is to the road, so I only get a glimpse of her profile as we drive by. Her curly dark hair that I could run my hands through. Her petite frame that I remember wrapped around me. Her luscious lips that I still fantasize about kissing.
She’s back in Dubreva.
She’s here.
And it could be my last chance to redeem myself to her.
“Stop the car!” I tell the driver.
“What?” he asks, confused.
“NOW!” I demand, opening the door.
The driver is forced to pull over to a non-parking area, half-blocking one of the lanes of traffic. I hear the angry honks of the cars behind us, but I don’t care as I undo my seatbelt and slide out. I use my cane to cover the distance as fast as possible, barely noticing the pain in my leg.
She sees me too, as the angry horns have caused her to look in my direction. Her eyes fall on me, and I see them widen in…fear? No, it can’t be fear. If anything, it should be anger. After all, I was the one who had insulted her that night.
I didn’t know what it was like to be humble.
My heart thrums in my throat as I stop ten meters away, unable to take my eyes off her.
“Hi, Catherine.”

Sci-fi junkie, video game nerd, and wannabe manga artist Erin Hayes writes a lot of things. Sometimes she writes books.
She works as an advertising copywriter by day, and she's an award-winning New York Times Bestselling Author by night. She has lived in New Zealand, Hawaii, Texas, Alabama, and now San Francisco with her husband, cat, and a growing collection of geek paraphernalia.
You can reach her at erinhayesbooks@gmail.com and she’ll be happy to chat. Especially if you want to debate Star Wars.



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Sunday Post #86 and Stacking the Shelves April 23rd, 2017

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted  @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news ~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post Meme.   I'm actually working and making a bit of a dent in the books I've finished that need to be reviewed.  I'm nowhere near being caught up, but I can see a little progress.  One thing that is helping is doing multiple mini-reviews in one post whenever I get a chance.  I've also added a second notebook that works kind of like a calendar, but it keeps track of my books and what day I need to read them by as well as a list of what books I've read for the month.  Here is a look at it:

It's numbered to 28 on every page, and then there is room to add a 29 and 30 at the bottom. The only problem is months with 31 days, but as you can see for May in the picture above, I've figured it out.

Here is a close up of the May TBR side of the notebook.  This helps me to look at a straight list of what order I need to read things.  Usually the date that I put them on has to do with when I am part of a blog tour or have promised to read and review it by.

I'm showing a close up of my April's finished page, since it isn't May yet, I don't have anything on this page yet.  But as I read and finish a book, I write it on the list, and then as I post a review, I cross it out.  This could also be helpful for end of the month posts.

Anyway on with the normal parts of this post.

Here's what you might have missed on the blog last week:
So I definitely got in more than the 3 reviews a week that I hope to get this week.  Sure a lot of them were mini-reviews, but that's okay!  Once again I'm trying not to overbook myself, so hopefully in May I'll get my posts cut down to only two a day, if not only one.  Or else a promo post and one personal post like a review, meme, etc.  I was caught up for a few days this week, but now, after this one goes live, I'll have no posts ready to go for the rest of the week. Although I intend to work on some of those later today.  I'm caught up on my Camp NaNoWriMo as I had Friday off, and Saturday, and today!  So lots of time to keep up and get ahead on my writing as well.  And I still have a giveaway going on till the end of the month!

Coming up this week on the blog:
  • Promos:  Royal Mistake by Erin Hayes, Hide From Me by Mary Lindsey, Tell Me How This Ends by Victoria De La O, No Relationship Required by Amelia James, YORK:  The Shadow Cipher by Laura Ruby, Shopping For a CEO's Wife by Julia Kent, Karma by Cynthia Vespia, and Dangerous Interference by B.J. Wang
  • Can't Wait Wednesday
  • Reviews:  Forks, Knives, and Spoons by Leah DeCesare, The Makeup Test by Vanessa M. Knight, Missing by Kelley Armstrong, and Blacksouls by Nicole Castroman
  • Possible Reviews:  Driven series #1-3.5 by K. Bromberg (audiobook), Facade by Nyrae Dawn
 So, I have 4 reviews I have to do for blog tours or publisher and author requests.  Then I'm hoping to get some other past completed books done.  I've also got several ARCs I need to get read before next week!  Gah!  So I've been working on doing lots of reading, a lot of staying up late at night.  Oh well.  There's only like 23 days left of school, so I can make it through those without a lot of sleep, right?  My sister who lives in NYC will be home next weekend for her birthday, so I'll have a KC Royals baseball game to go to Friday night after work, and then Saturday will be her birthday party with family.  And I'll have to work next Sunday too.  Plus, I've got to finish up my 30,000 word goal for Camp NaNoWriMo.  I only work one night this week at the bookstore, so hopefully I'll have lots of time to write.

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  It is a way for us to share the new books we have collected. As usual I have way too many free new e-books to share.  Honestly, I may never share those again at the rate I keep downloading them.  I also had a pretty slow week for physical books as well, although I do still have some to share.

Physical books:

I won these from one of the authors in the YA Spring Scavenger Hunt.  Awesome books!  I've already read The Heir and the Spare, but I didn't have a copy of it, so now I do!

I also bought a copy of the book that the students at the school where I am a librarian put out this year.


 The first one I've already read and will be reviewing in another week.  The last one I will be trying to get read by later this week!

So those are the books I've added to my shelves this week.  What have you added to your shelves?